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TRIAD Research Site Map

  • TRIAD Research Group Homepage
    Introduction to TRIAD Research Group, founded by Robert Dykes.  TRIAD is a full-service market research firm providing both qualitative and quantitative research.  An expert in all areas of market reseach, TRIAD's services include awareness studies, satisfaction studies, attitude studies, interviews, surveys, polls and indepth concept research.

  • Our Approach
    A brief description of TRIAD's customized market research approach and a link to descriptions of the members of the TRIAD team.

  • Research Services
    An explanation of TRIAD's services. TRIAD Research Group offers extensive research services including, but not limited to, telephone surveys, mail surveys, online/Internet surveys and studies, in-person/intercept interviews, conjoint analysis, data mining, focus groups, in-depth and executive interviews, projective techniques, perceptual mapping and methodology studies.

  • Examples of Research Services and Projects
    Examples of various TRIAD research projects. Information includes types of research, reasons to use specific research and how market research findings have been used to improve decision making for businesses in diverse industries.

  • TRIAD Team
    A place to "meet" TRIAD Research Group's staff of nine full-time professionals and three senior consultants. TRIAD's team members are experts in customized marketing research solutions.

  • Frequently Asked Research Questions
    The link to answers for common marketing research questions. Find answers to questions like: What is the difference between quantitative and qualitative research? What type of research service is best for your company?

  • About TRIAD
    A source for information on TRIAD Reseach Group.  Find out how TRIAD Research was formed, get information on TRIAD's Cleveland, Ohio roots, and read the team's combined experience in the marketing research industry.

  • Contact Us
    A contact page that includes a form for the user to submit questions to TRIAD's expert research team and to find how to begin a customized marketing research study.

  • Terms And Conditions
    A page of terms and conditions governing the visit to
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